Is your team learning?

Have you ever heard a parent say “I trained my child to ride a bike this weekend?” Just as kids learn how to ride a bike, your employees learn how to do a job or improve a skill.

And learning never stops.

If you don’t believe me, think about what you have learned in the last six months.

Of course, some learning happens proactively while other learning happens through the mistakes we make with our customers. That, of course, is not the best learning approach because of its direct impact on profits.

Why doesn’t traditional training work?

  • Training is event-oriented.
  • Training does not deliver a change in competency. It delivers knowledge. “Knowing” is not the same as “doing.”
  • Not all people are motivated to apply the knowledge on their own.

How is learning different from training?

  • Learning begins with getting the employee’s head into the game. Share how his or her work affects others and the guest experience.
  • Learning incorporates knowledge and application.
  • Learning begins by first giving knowledge to someone and then showing them how to apply that knowledge so they can demonstrate it to others.
  • Just telling someone how to do something is training. Learning involves demonstration and ongoing coaching to ensure competency.
  • Learning environments create higher competencies and increase employee confidence. This, in turn, creates a pride and enthusiasm in the employee for his or her work and organization.

How does a company encourage learning?

Organizations that have a culture focused on “engaged learning” naturally optimize their people and get big returns. The employee keeps learning, keeps thinking and keeps contributing more effectively. When you have long-term employees who are not learning in new ways, you have people doing things “the good old way,” also known as “the same old way,” which costs money and limits your business potential.

Focus on learning. Ask your people what they are learning, reading and doing differently to improve their competencies and performance. Learning is the cornerstone to constant and never-ending improvement.
In a nutshell, stop training and get your employees learning.

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