Leadership Tip: Blamers and Shamers

"Yeah, but …it’s not my fault…”

You know them…the blamers & shamers. People who just don’t take responsibility for their actions or missed deliverables. As leaders, we have to understand that where this behavior exists it only persists unless you step in and do a collaborative reset.  

Here are a few tips for realigning:

1. Ensure clarity of expectations for both of you. Not just what is to be done, but also when.

2. Address concerns
of a “it’s not my fault” perspective and how others perceive this
attitude....and the disconnect it inflicts. 

3. Establish tighter follow-up meetings until things are back on track.

4. As you see progress - encourage.  Coaching is crucial.

Know for sure that allowing the blamers and shamers to be a loud voice in your
organization is destructive and it undoubtedly disrupts your culture. By
realigning, you will illustrate how important accountability is within your
organization and your entire team.

Raise the bar.

Live all in,  


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