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When it comes to leadership development, are you a manager or a coach?  It is much easier to be a manager, but if you are looking to develop the talent of your team, you must be a coach.

Coaching is not about having the answer. It is a mindset of helping others find the answer! Coaching is different than managing:

  • Management is facilitating people, product and process. Managing is mapping and directing.
  • Coaching is optimizing the potential of people.

Coaches are “shiner” finders. They are people potential junkies. They know that if a person has the right mindset, then learning new skills and processes will be easy. They inspire people to explore their internal motivation. They help tie a person’s work to their own values and higher purpose.

Coaching requires patience, time, preparation and commitment to the person you are coaching. Coaching is a gift we give and when we are being coached, it is a gift we must be open to receiving. Your success reflects your effort and commitment to developing your people.

Need help?  Aspire is all about leadership development.  We believe that leadership is a behavior, not a position.  We love working with teams to bring out their best through developing their people!

Reach out to us today, and let’s collaborate!

Raise the bar with development of your people A great coach is always raising the bar with development

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