Building a Strong Team Requires This

So how is your connection at work these days?  I’m not talking about the connection of your WIFI - I’m talking about face to face, REAL connection with people.  If you are looking to win the game, then the most important thing to remember is: connection builds teams.

Connection creates a space of mutual engagement and a feeling that “I can trust you...that you have my back.”  When you build connection with others, they know you care.  This will likely form a space of caring and support even in the toughest of moments. Take a look around... who are you connected with and who do you need to engage so you can build a stronger connection?

Leaders take the lead when it comes to connection.  So what’s my #1 advice for starting to connect?  HAVE FUN.  Here are some tips to do just that:

  • Today, find something to make you belly laugh & share it.
  • Stop focusing on what is wrong and focus on what is good.
  • Tomorrow, do one thing that will make your work a lot more fun.
  • If all else fails, buy a joke book and bring it to your meetings. Start the meeting with a good joke and change the entire meeting experience.
  • Cartoons are also a great way to get people engaged.
  • Take note: run is something you choose to create. It isn’t a “committee” and it doesn’t need a director.
  • Do something spontaneously fun at work and see what happens around you.
  • Put fun into your life vs. on your calendar (aka, walk the talk).


Connected, your community is stronger.



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