5 Ways to Capture More Joy in 2019

This is your year, and if you want more joy, it’s time to rally!

Follow these tips to get more joy out of your life.

  1. First, Stop being afraid.  Fear, like joy, is something we create, but unlike joy, it tends to limit us.  Fear can suck the life out of you and is a drain on your joy...  STOP FEAR NOW!
  2. Did you know that we become like the people we spend time with? Do you have people in your life who support you? If this question makes you uncomfortable, you need to take a look around you and change the company you keep.
  3. Find someone each week to thank for their support, kindness, or generosity towards you.  Be specific in what you share.  Giving joy creates more joy.
  4. Are you working with people who are committed to your development? There is something special when we know that others see our potential and value us enough to give their time and coaching to.
  5. Live your life from a perspective of focusing on what is right and building on it.  Many times, we focus on what is wrong with our work, relationships, thoughts, or behaviors. When we recognize what is right, we feel grateful and can build from there.


Happy 2019.  Please…

Go spread some joy!


Keep Inspiring Others,




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