What I Know About Change...

As the end of 2018 barrels towards us, it is important to begin thinking critically about the past year. Our accomplishments, our failures, what held us back from making progress, how can we move forward, etc... We may even begin to realize that what may have held us back was ourselves, our own actions, our own behavior. That realization may be painful, but it is necessary to carve a new path forward. If you display negative thoughts or behaviors, it is necessary to Change....

  1. People change when they want to and only then.
  2. People are perfect as they are, but they may not be perfect for you.
  3. The only change you can control is changing your choice.
  4. If you are waiting for others to change, please, stop hallucinating.  You can inspire people to consider change, but ultimately only they can make the final choice to change their behavior.
  5. Leading change is rewarding work.  It is work that, done effectively, requires foresight, patience, commitment, focus, and tenacity to stay on course. Especially since there is always someone who wants to get you off-track!
  6. Beware of procrastination.  Decide on the changes you want or need and then get fanatical about moving forward.  Every step is progress.  Don’t undervalue it, always celebrate it!
  7. If you think change is hard to do…imagine how hard it can be when it forcibly happens to you.  Be proactive towards change, or be ready for a rough and usually difficult, reactive ride.
  8. The higher your connection and engagement with people during change, the easier and faster the transition will be.
  9. Know that someone will always be opposed to changes.  Consider their perspective: weigh the effect of the change on them in terms of their significance and needs vs the needs of the whole organization.  The whole is always more important than any one part.
  10. If you can’t facilitate proactive change, the effectiveness of your leadership is limited.


Change can be painful.  Unfortunately, there is no way to avoid the pain of change, but you can minimize it!  Remember, being unable to change what needs to be changed is always more painful than accepting the changes you need to make.


Keep inspiring others,



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