Your Mind Predicts Your Success

Head Trash…we all get it. Some people choose to live in it. It is the leading killer of potential and more importantly of JOY. 

So, what do you do when you find yourself stuck in it?

Head trash is a mindset issue. The fact is: you feel the way you think and your thoughts determine how you will act. Your mind is the great predictor of where you will put your energy and how you will engage in your life.

You feel the way you think and your thoughts determine how you will act.

Are you stuck? Here are 3 tips on how to shift your mindset and get your mojo back where your real potential lives:

  1. Negativity attracts negativity. It is the law of energy. Stop hanging with naysayers and people who puke all over everything. They suck your joy and leave you head full of doubt and limitations. This includes people you live with…
  2. Start everyday with “what’s right” and build from there. When you see what is possible you move towards it. When you see nothing is possible you do nothing. The thing about doing nothing is, it gets you nothing.
  3. Listen to yourself. Your self-talk (those little people in your head) can support you or hurt and limit you. Understand your self-limiting beliefs and how to live in the connecting side of your brain. Click here to download the four Self-Limiting Beliefs.

Your actions tell the world who you are.

Life isn’t about what we say, it is about what we do and how we live. You were put on this earth to do great things…get busy and get your head into the game. It’s what makes you the extraordinary being you were born to be.

Play all in,


Aspire would like to thank The International Stevie Awards for Women in Business for choosing us as winners of the Bronze award for Innovation in Business at last week’s New York City Gala. Most importantly, we thank you: our clients, friends, families, and partners, for being a part of our lives. Thank you for pushing us to continuously raise the bar.

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