What Are You Grateful For?

With Thanksgiving this week, it's a good time for us to think about all of the things we are grateful for.

Here are 10 Things I’m Grateful For:

  1. My health…it’s really the whole deal!
  2. My daughter, Bella, who bring love, light and joy into my world every day. It’s incredible!
  3. The people who love me even when I’m not at my best. Thank you for that…
  4. My family. I come from a passionate bloodline. We are “all in” kind of people. My favorite kind of people.
  5. My ex-husband. We are a great parenting team. It makes everyone’s life happier and easier.
  6. Wanderlust. The gift of travel has been in my blood since I was 2 camping with my family. I don’t camp anymore but I sure do love the world, other cultures, different food and interesting people.
  7. Writing. It just makes me happy. It makes me think, turns on my imagination, takes me to creative places and helps me stay curious about life. My writing also turns on my love of reading. Learning inspires me.
  8. Cooking. I love to cook for others. Hanging with them and eating a meal together is a gift every time. I never tire of it.
  9. Friendship. Friends are the family we choose. Great ones help us through the hard times, laugh with us in the best of times and support us as we find the best within ourselves.
  10. My work. I love my work. I have had the privilege of working at Aspire for 24 years and I still find it interesting, challenging, emotionally engaging and I love the people I get to hang with every day. With my attention deficit…24 years is truly remarkable. Thank you all for that!

Happy Thanksgiving.

Live in Gratitude,  Renie

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