10 Travel Lessons...That Make for Good Life Lessons

Constantly traveling, I have found many ways that my traveling lessons make for good life lessons too.

Here is how I have applied them:

  1. Hang with people you like and respect. Life’s a journey and it's more fun with like-minded people.
  2. Find something to laugh about every day. Laughter lightens our load!
  3. Say you’re sorry when you make a mistake and move on. Worry never gives you a return on your time investment.
  4. Let go of annoyances, they suck your energy and your energy is your fuel.
  5. Be thoughtful, this is someone else’s world. Appreciate it.
  6. Be aware of cigarette smokers. They may be addicted, and they literally pollute the world and steal your oxygen.
  7. Pack light, if you need it you can buy it!
  8. Arriving 15 minutes early saves you stress and time.
  9. It helps to have lodging on the 1st and last night, let the rest of the trip unfold. Be careful not to over plan or you miss out on the unknown adventures that are waiting for you.
  10. Enjoy diversity. There is a lot to see and do that is different than what you know. The world is an interesting place…get out there and live it!

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