5 Things that Limit your Potential to Shine

It's a great thing to find your shine, now make sure you keep it by avoiding these 5 things that limit your potential to continue to shine:

  1. Shine requires happiness. Apathy sucks all joy. Avoid apathy and the pukers who suck your energy. Even if you have to “fire” the people around you. Life is too short to live with sorrow and anxiety!
  2. Stop waiting for someone else to turn on your motivational switch. YOU are the only switch operator and for the record, you can’t motivate anyone but yourself.
  3. Allowing fear to rule your world. Fear is an illusion the little people in our heads (self-talk) make up. Squash fear and you will see your own potential screaming to get out and shine.
  4. Blame and shame. Your life and your misery is no one’s fault. Have the courage to own your life. Your life reflects your choices. You can change anything in a nanosecond by making a different choice.
  5. Your environment will inspire you to shine or not. You can still shine in an uninspiring environment you just have to create your own little world.


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