Lead with heart

To be All In requires your heart…

I was recently asked what role emotional intelligence plays in the 21st century workplace. My answer:

If you want employee engagement, you had best be an expert in emotional intelligence.


How do you strengthen your leadership effectiveness through improving your emotional intelligence?

  1. Find ways to connect with your people at a deeper level
  2. Listen more. Talk less. People want to feel heard and what they tell you tells you everything you need to know about them.
  3. What people value is what inspires them. Know what they value.
  4. Give people what they need not what you need.
  5. Find emotionally intimate moments to share who you are. To laugh together. To be humble together. To share your fears and understand theirs.
  6. Be supportive. Fear is within all of us. You don’t have to understand another person’s fears. Great leaders do accept them.

Most of all, lead from your heart.

Lead from a place of love. There is nothing more valuable in a person’s life than love.

Where you give love, you receive it.

All my Love,


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