Do you shine?


People ask me all the time,"How do you find the energy to travel so much?" The answer is simple: People!

People inspire me.

People get me thinking about how to help them remove the obstacles they face. People remind me of how hard it can be to change and make progress. People get me where I need to be and I appreciate that. And mostly, people today need more inspiration than ever before…they need encouragement to keep moving forward. I hope this message today gives you a little bit of that!

I love hanging with people. They say the most amazing things. Most people I meet want to do something better. Be better. They want to improve. They want to contribute more. Most people I meet care deeply.

Recently I was meeting with one of those people—a leader who cares deeply about making the right decisions. They were vacillating on a variety of decisions that were inadvertently holding other leaders back and keeping the team from moving forward. The issue was not their competency…they are an extraordinary talent! They just had a focus problem and a need for perfection that was overriding the need for progress.

Most people want to shine and yet there are things holding them back.

Here are 10 things that can limit your shine:

1 Shine requires happiness.Avoid the pukers who suck your energy, even if you have to 'fire' the people around you. Life is too short to live with sorrow and anxiety! Remember, apathy sucks joy too.

2 Stop waiting for someone else to turn on your motivational switch.You are the only switch operator and for the record, you can’t motivate anyone but yourself.

3 If fear rules your world, your world will get very small.Fear is an illusion the little people in our heads (self-talk) make up. Squash fear and you will see your own potential screaming to get out and shine!

4 Blame and shame.Your life and your misery are no one’s fault. Have the courage to own your life. Your life reflects your choices. You can change anything in a nanosecond by making a different choice.

5 Your environment will inspire you to shine or not.You can still shine in an uninspiring environment, you'll just have to create your own little world within it.

6 Negativity is not a platform for change.It depletes energy and limits our ability to see what is possible. Nothing positive comes from negativity.

7 You can’t shine if you don’t have the mindset, skill set or processes that allow you to do a job (of any kind) well. Shiners are competent and fanatical about learning and improving. 

8 If you aren’t turned on, you can’t shine. Decide what you want and why, and get inspired or be proactive about learning something new.This is at the heart of turning on your motivational switch. 

9 Choose to passionately engage in your life. Engagement and enthusiasm are at the heart of shining.Your energy is like electricity and it lights others up!

10 Living without gratitude limits your shine.Gratitude—and your compassion to help others—serves not just others. It enlightens your soul.

Shiners play all in! #beashiner

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