Lead with kindness

Pay-It-Forward Day was this past Saturday. It is an annual, global celebration to raise our consciousness around the impact of our kindness and the ripple effect we each have on one another. It is a day of reflection on how we commitment to acts of kindness.

When I viewed this video, it reminded me of what matters every day. It made me reflect on my own deliberate acts of kindness. It made me want to raise my own standards of kindness to meet the expectations of the young girl narrating the video who expects more from me.

Imagine the world as seen through her eyes. She’s right! It’s possible. It only takes our own individual choice each day. When those around us feel our kindness, the odds are they will share a bit of their own.


Make a choice each day to find deliberate acts of kindness knowing you might just be changing another person’s tough day into one with a little more happiness and hope.

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