10 Leading Change Truths

10 Things I have learned about leading change for a living

1 People hate change.

2 Most people would rather ignore what needs to be changed than proactively change it. You can change anything but you cannot ignore it. It will not be ignored!

3 If you listen, people will tell you all you need to know. When you are changing people’s worlds they need to feel heard and safe to stay engaged in a positive way. This is the trick to change.

4 Change happens for one of 2 reasons—pain or pleasure. From my experience, it is usually pain.

5 People would rather hate their current situation than risk the unknown. When you can shine the light and create a safe environment, they will walk the path you need.

6 When you attach the personal why (WIIFM) to what must change, people will be more inclined to get on your "this is changing" bus.

7 Change usually starts off with a feeling of excitement. Then, when the hard work happens, your leadership is defined. How people align during changing times reflects your leadership effectiveness.

8 Fear is the leading objection to change. Find ways to minimize it. People change more through encouragement than fear and threats.

9 If you don’t have coaching skills, you have a limited skill set for effecting change in an empowering way.

10 Change is hard. Compassion and patience are important in helping people through the inevitable storms that change brings.

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