Why Change Hurts

Change. We all want things to change but most of us secretly prefer—

"Your things need to change. My things are fine!"

Change messes with our minds. It creates a sense of discomfort. It is a deliberate act that triggers risk.

When we are changing things, we tend to feel less competent. Changing your diet is easy to understand and hard to do. Changing your approach to your work sounded great until you started screwing up all over the place. Now you even start to question the things you used to do well.

Change is easy to create or ideate and hard to execute and sustain.

It starts with self-talk. The little people in our brain start questioning and the resulting thoughts are often not inspiring. They put us into the survival side of our brain. We feel the way we think and it is these thoughts that make us question the change…and ourselves.

"Will this really be better than what I/we have?"

"This is way more work than I realized. I just don’t have the time for this kind of change."

"This isn't working as planned. We should ditch it!"

"Why are we doing this anyway?"

Exercise is imperative to my health and I am committed to it so I recently bought a stationary bike. (Change happens in a nanosecond when we make that initial decision. It is the challenge of sustaining change that is killer!) I felt endless guilt each time I drove past my athletic club and didn’t go in. I tried having a trainer come to my house. That didn’t work as I frequently travel and my schedule is controlled by too many things for me to keep the same time each week. So I got the bike...and I know I need to actually get my butt on that bike to make something happen.

It isn’t the decision to change; it is the commitment to stay with the changes you make.

Change really hurts right now. I just got off my bike!

All in,


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