Does Culture Matter? Ask Tom Brady!

If you don't think culture matters, just ask Tom Brady.

It wasn’t that he had a bad day. And it wasn't the unsportsmanlike conduct he displayed by not shaking the winning quarterback’s hand. Even die-hard Patriots fans questioned that!

Instead, it was that this Philly team showed up with the right owner (stakeholder), coaches (leadership team), and players (associates) who created a culture of passion, love and respect. This culture fueled them to outplay the Patriots—mentally, physically and 'spirit-ly'.

The facts are better than fiction!

The underdog Eagles:

  • Lost their starting quarterback and started a guy who was going to quit 12 months before
  • Lost 7 starters due to injury…one of whom wason his way to becoming the League MVP—Carson Wentz. After his injury, Wentz said the Eagles could still win it all with Nick Foles and that he was going to be on the sideline rooting for him at the Super Bowl. Nationals scoffed at him (see all the underdog stories), but that is exactly what he did.
  • Had no 1000-yard rusher. No team has ever won a Super Bowl without these. Until now.
  • Demonstrated balls of steel with the "Philly Special". They knew when to make the big play and how to keep it as a competitive advantage.
  • Have an owner who is a class act. He loves his players. Loves his city. Doesn’t cheat. Philanthropic. And his city loves him right back.

Before the start of the season, a former GM named Mike Lombardi was quoted as saying something like, "Doug Peterson has no business being an NFL coach," or “The Eagles will regret this decision."  What the world saw on February 4:

The right coach with the right players is always a winning combination.

More than 2 million people peacefully celebrated at the parade staged in a city built on pride. Built on character. Built on hard work. Passion. I call this Brotherly LOVE. This is the city of Philadelphia.

The Lessons

  • The right coach with the right players is always a winning combination
  • Setbacks are moments where great teams come together
  • Alignment on- and off-the-field matters
  • Don’t let other people define you
  • The game is always played first in the head. Head trash kills!


Co-written with love, passion and respect by my brother and me…

Seth & Renie Cavallari

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