Balancing Act

Life is Never in Balance that’s why it’s a Balancing Act.

If you’re like me, you struggle with life-work balance. It’s a never-ending pursuit for my team, too.

Entrepreneurs are “all in” kinds of people. (And so are many leaders… that’s how you got where you are today.)

We have to be tenacious, demanding, and driven. There is a constant adjustment being made between workload and quality of life outside work.

As a company, Aspire is a collection of talented, smart, and highly intense people who love and care personally about their work. This is their gift and our challenge!

As a leader of this type of team—probably much like yours—you have to constantly consider how to help your team balance work, thinking time, love-your-life time, my-life-is-a-mess-I-need-to-clean-it-up time, take-care-of-your-health time, and more. You get the picture!


Make sure balance is a priority… and it is a fine line.

All in,


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