Make 2018 Your Year

It's a new year! This year, I am going to keep these things top of mind...

Let's not call them resolutions as those tend to go by the wayside. Instead, let's call them new habits. As leaders, I urge you to adopt them, too:

  1. Laugh more
  2. Be critical less
  3. If you are going to show up then play all in!
  4. Shut down all whining. It solves nothing.
  5. Be nicer to people
  6. Stay away from energy vampires. They only take and never give.
  7. Say hello to people in an elevator or walking down the street. For goodness' sake, ENGAGE!
  8. Make someone feel valued every day
  9. Put down your damn smart phone and have a conversation
  10. Use page numbers and spell check
  11. Get involved or stop complaining. Your choice.
  12. Your bad day is someone else’s good one… live in gratitude

Make 2018 your year…

All in,


All in, Aspire Leadership Tips, living with gratitude

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