8 Steps to meeting your goals this year

We set goals individually and as teams. Some of us even avoid setting them at all for fear of not reaching them!

A lot of research and study has been done on goal setting, and here is how leaders can ensure they (and their teams) focus first on the goal and their motivation toward that goal, then on the tasks they must perform to get there.

Don't be tempted to begin with step one and jump to step five! It will reduce your chances for success. Follow the steps without skipping for best results. This process can help you think, plan and then move with focus and optimum productivity.

  1. My Goal is X. Be specific. If you aren’t clear, you won’t focus. It has to be measurable. Without measurement, it is just a dream.
  2. Define your Motivation... the passion behind why you want what you want.
  3. List the benefits you will receive by achieving this goal.
  4. What is your emotional gain? How will you feel when you achieve this goal?
  5. What will you need to do to get there? Step by Step. (If you arrived at Step 5 directly from Step 1, go back to Step 2 and complete each step. No skipping!)
  6. Establish your step-by-step timeline, detailed by necessary task.
  7. Review your timeline weekly. Revise and reset.
  8. Setbacks are just resets. Guilt depletes us. Celebrate your reset button.

Knowing the goal is only step one. You have to understand your real motivation behind the goal to achieve it. This keeps you committed and drives persistence toward achievement.

Once you have completed this critical path to achieving your goals, you will understand what you stand to gain by achieving your goal. Your motivational switch will naturally move into the "on" position. And once you have completed it on your own, it will be easier to guide your team to understanding their motivations, as well. Imagine! An entire team working toward their goals because they have all turned on their motivational switches.
Do you think you already know what motivates your team? You may be surprised! Your thoughts about what might motivate an individual may be far from what they believe. Understanding what motivates our people is as simple as asking.


Leaders align goals with the motivations of their people.

For your team to reach their goals this year (and your own, for that matter), you need to understand their motivations. Be an inspirational leader. Stop assuming and start asking!

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