Just Say No

You can be comfortable with saying "No."

Recently, I was boating with a friend of mine—a true adventurer and a responsible boater who has owned and operated many.

I love boating!  I love being out on the water though I don’t feel safe in the water.  I am afraid of it.  I can swim… and the idea of drowning is one of my only true fears.

We all have head trash and when it comes to being in the water, mine screams: "Must. Have. Air… or you will die!"

Even my diving instructor told me, "Scuba diving just isn’t your sport." And if I ever had any chance of getting over my fear of drowning, the movie Jaws finished it off!

Back to my boating adventure…

On this beautiful sunny day, we were out for a sunset cruise when suddenly, the swells came up. They were big. Very big. I felt fear run through me. With each minute, I asked myself if I was safe.

It took all my courage to overcome the contradicting conversations taking place inside me. One conversation said, "Enjoy the ride, it’s an adventure! You are safe."

The other conversation went more like this: "You are not safe! You are a Mama. Make a responsible choice. This is not fun. It’s time to make decisions that honor how you really feel."

Finally, I said words that I rarely say, "I’m sorry but I’m not comfortable. I’m not all in… actually, I’m all out!"

In a nanosecond, I felt better. The boat circled and we road back inland with the waves at our back and a smile on my face. (Maybe next time, I just need a bigger boat. Way bigger!)


Sometimes owning your 'crap' is hard. You have to find your courage, suck up your pride, and honor yourself. Even if it means saying, "No!"

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