Do you want your people to play “All in”?

aspire…to shine has been out for 2 months and many people have asked me for suggestions on how to use the book to help their team grow.

Here are 3 ways to leverage
aspire…to shine





Shine was written so leaders could take the chapters and make them into assignments, i.e. "Read this chapter and come to the next staff meeting prepared to answer the following question..." and then choose one to discuss:

  • What was the major takeaway for you?
  • What about the story Renie shared connected for you?
  • What is something you want to incorporate into your work or life?

Use the quotes at the beginning of the chapters (and referenced within) to open the various meetings you have, including your daily stand- ups. Share the quote that resonated with you and ask, “How can you bring this quote to life in your work today?”



Ask each person who reports to you, “What motivates you?” Tie their motivations into their work then watch them soar!


I wrote this book because, as I traveled the world and spoke to leaders just like you, there was one overriding request:

How can I get my people to play "all in?"

It starts with you so show them what "all in" looks like.

Shine that light,


Aspire Leadership Tips

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