Intention vs. Impact

Your intention doesn’t matter!

You hear it all the time:

“It wasn’t my intention to…”

Most people don’t accept the reality that we are responsible for our impact, not our intention.

It may be your intention to reach your sales goals and if you don’t, the impact on others is significant. It may be your intention to be a good friend but if you can’t be counted on, that is your true impact.

We all have times our impact is not aligned with our intent. They are called mistakes! Our self-leadership is defined by how we own the impact of them and correct them.

Owning our impact is the difference between the person with confidence and the person who thinks that the situation (or how they made someone feel) is justifiable in some way. It is the difference between someone who is accountable and someone who is a "blamer and shamer."


It isn’t our intention that matters in life, it’s our impact.

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