Silence the Echo Chamber

I remember the first time I went to diversity training...

I didn’t get it. 

I was born and raised in Philadelphia. Diversity wasn’t something you needed much training on. It was (and remains) a wonderful element of life. 

Diversity in our teams is important. 

Having a variety of perspectives and experiences allows you to make smarter, more informed decisions. It engages people to feel comfortable in their own skin and we always play and work better when we feel like we can be ourselves!

When we fear others who see the world differently, it is our insecurities that drive our ignorance and lack of empathy towards them. I can’t imagine the massive failure Aspire would be without our team of open-minded, curious, free-spirited thinkers with diverse life choices all coming together to create things I never imagined possible. 


Being surrounded by an echo chamber gives you a false sense of alignment and limits your team’s potential. 

Aligned teams have different perspectives and are grounded in the same values and higher purpose. This gives them endless bounds of creativity and possibilities. Work is interesting when you can engage in passionate discussions with different perspectives!

Here’s to celebrating our differences and all they add to our lives!


All in,


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