Solution vs. Resolution

Have you ever been in a staff meeting and thought, "Why are we talking about the same problem again?"

The difference between solution and resolution is significant.

When we are solving a problem, we are dealing with the situation at hand. Often, we are dealing with the circumstances or symptoms of a situation vs. the core problem.

Problem resolution means that we are addressing the core issues of a problem so that the problem no longer exists. Most teams spend their time in problem solution vs. resolution as teams tend to feel the pressure of the fire fight and react to the current situation.

Though this is important in the moment, the follow up must focus on how to resolve the problem so you don’t have to deal with it ever again. In observing teams during staff meetings over the last year, more than 70% didn’t move from solving the problem to resolving it by eliminating it altogether.


Problem solving:  Incident-focused and reactive. Begging for customer forgiveness is usually involved.

Problem resolution: Focused on permanence and proactive. Process changes are usually involved.

Where does your team spend their time? 


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