Sending my love

Love is all there is.

In life and in business...

When we lead from love, we engage people in a different way. 


Whether it is with our children, our life partners, or those we work beside...

When others feel our authentic love, they commit differently – especially during the inevitable turbulent storms.  


What does love have to do with it? Everything.


Love for our work inspires us to play "all in."

Love for our co-workers engages us to help clean up the mess, even if we didn’t make it.

Love for our boss reminds them that they matter, too.

Love for our children means acceptance that builds their confidence in being the extraordinary humans they were intended to become.


Today is Aspire’s annual day of celebration! We have honored Valentine’s Day for the past 22 years.

So today, I send my love and gratitude for your friendship, engagement and commitment to help us all reach our true potential and to Shine.




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