Ego Leader, Beware!

There is a big difference between a confident person and an egotistical one.  I suggest you choose the former. When we are effective, we are confident whereas ego tends to hide our insecurities.

Your confidence is a beautiful part of who you are. It is your conscious competency shining through. Your confidence is not defined by a single act or result; it comes from a lineup of competencies that build inner strength.

On the other hand, ego frequently disguises itself as confidence and sometimes appears as arrogance. We all have an ego and the trouble comes when we lead from our ego as our 'self' is on the line... when we define ourselves by some immediate, single event or act. When the ego is at work, we are positioned in a defensive stance when we falter or fail.


Who we are should never be defined by what we do. Nor should it be defined by the title we may hold, the power we may have, the car we drive or this month’s fantastic results.

If you are an outstanding leader, you are that leader in the great performance months as well as those that are stormy. The confident leader shines the light during the storms and helps others realign through positivity, coaching, focusing on what matters most, and ensuring that the right people are doing the right things (accountability).

The ego leader instead blames, shames, and tends to cause more work and storms.


When our ego is on the line, we tend to worry about what others are thinking about us vs. knowing that our greatness lies within ourselves. Our worth is not defined by some event, situation or acquired thing.

Fluffy?  Not a chance!

Confidence looks good on everyone.

All in,


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