Wide Awake

Are you fully present in your world these days?

Or are the days running you?

Do little things annoy you?

Do you find yourself paying attention to what is on fire in front of you rather than staying focused on what matters most?

Sometimes we need to slow it way down to get things moving. The noise of our everyday lives can be loud and nonessential things can become our mind's focus. The old adage, "what you focus on comes true," still holds true.

As you begin reflecting on 2016 while planning for 2017, what things were critical that did not get the time and attention they should have? What will you do differently to not let that happen in the future?  Let the guilt slip away as guilt is an illusion. Guilt is noise!

You can change anything with a moment's decision. Make the decision. Own it. Move on it. Our ability to stay present and focused defines how we spend our time. Other people don’t own your time, no matter how hard they may try!


(actively) TAKE your time.

All in,


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