The story makes the experience. The experience makes the brand.

Every interaction is an opportunity to tell your story… a story that speaks to your brand and your culture. From how it feels when someone answers the phone to how you present your menu and food, your stories unfold.

Storytelling is fundamental to how you market your message. It is a differentiator. It takes a customer on a journey that comes to life at various touch points, both small and significant; and anchors in who you are over time. Stories have meaning and bring a customer into your world so they become a part of it. This is where loyalty begins. It isn’t about points... it's about how they feel inside your story.

What are your top 5 client touch points? What are your stories?  Where are your signature imprints for the customer to understand why they want to be a part of your story?


To make the story come to life, you have to teach your people how to tell your stories. Service stories must be short, interesting, provide a twist, and stay aligned with your brand.

It can be as simple as, "you may notice the art around our hotel... it highlights that we see the world a little bit differently so please be sure to take a look." Or, "our menu is inspired by our local farmers and we go way beyond fresh. We want you to taste something different so let me share a few of our Chef's favorites and what makes them special."

We all love a good story. What’s yours?

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