Are you coasting?

Fantastic speaker, author and coach Toni Newman said it best:

"Coasting only happens downhill."

As a speaker, I get to attend conferences all around the world and that gives me an endless platform to learn and grow! In our busy world, it is always important to fit in time to learn —whether it is networking, hanging with a mentor for an hour, reading, or attending a seminar just to collect ideas and think.

The learning never stops unless you start coasting…which begs the question: are you coasting?

Many of us work day in and day out, and we get good at it…and yet, are we really pushing ourselves to our potential? Being truly extraordinary at anything takes fanatical commitment and a desire to evolve…to change! The real question is: are you fully committed to improving your craft and playing at the highest level every day?

The challenge with constant and never ending learning is finding the time. Currently, I am reading seven books. How is that possible? My favorite way to learn is to read. I dig into a book and use it more as a workbook, jotting down ideas and applications inside the front cover, in margins, and on blank pages so I know where to go to reflect.

Another way I love to learn is through attending conferences. Hearing what others are thinking and studying stimulates me to think and study. My team at Aspire always has a look of fear in their eyes when I head off to a conference as they know an endless stream of consciousness and possibilities on improvement and innovation is about to arrive in one form or another.

I also love thinking with my team. Taking the time to slow up and think together is truly a gift. Sometimes, we just sit in my dining room and work together on a variety of projects and as we move through our own work, we engage with one another on ideas or questions that stimulate us all to think differently or ask new questions. Questioning is at the heart of problem solving and innovation. What we question shapes how we look and think about a situation. I never get bored with that!

Why do so many hang on to what they know rather than get excited about what they don’t? It is in what we don’t know that we grow and evolve. Evolution is what allows us to become the extraordinary beings we were meant to be.

This week, step back to ask yourself and each member of your team:

  • What are you reading or doing that is inspiring you to think differently?
  • How are you feeding your mind to learn and grow?

The Lesson

Stay curious. Learn something new today!

All in,


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