“With great power comes great responsibility,” (from "Spider-Man")

Power is an interesting thing. With it you can make tremendous impact relatively easily. Understanding that impact is what makes some leaders Super Heroes and others Super Duds!

When I see someone with power misuse, it just makes me feel "icky" inside. I understand that power triggers our egos and when we move from an egocentric mindset vs. from a confident one, we tend to cause destruction that we may not even notice.

I believe that knowledge is power. When we give our knowledge to others, we empower them. That not only leaves a powerful legacy, it allows for those around us to contribute more and find joy in the process.

The Lesson

Leaders who use knowledge to control or spread fear are just crappy leaders and not-so-great human beings from my perspective. Great leadership is in the humility of knowing that the more power and influence we have, the more responsible and supportive we need to be.

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