Thrive or Survive

The difference between thriving and surviving is as vast as its impact on our life. When we are thriving we are in a creative, engaged mind set. We see abundance and tend to be open to how we can achieve more of what we want in our work, relationships and lives.

Surviving, on the other hand, is fear-based living. We tend to focus on the limitations we are faced with and can easily move into blaming and shaming others. In survival we see the problems – not the solutions – and this causes us to generate more energy within us that doesn’t serve us.

We all move into survival at times and the goal is to help find ways to get out of it. Here are a few ways to move out of survival:

  1. Be curious vs. sitting in judgment of the situation. This can be hard to do so it is always helpful to have people around you who can help guide you out of judging and into curiosity.
  2. If you don’t like what is happening, realize that you can begin to change it in a nanosecond by changing the question you are asking. For example:
    • "Why is this happening?" may help you understand the problem but it doesn’t move you out of the problem. If you change the question to "what needs to happen differently so I can solve this problem?" you naturally move into a solution mindset.
  3. Find what is right about the situation and move from there. Building on what is right, regardless of how small that might be or of how it feels at the time, builds momentum towards the progress you are seeking.
  4. Be open and talk through the challenge with those who can solve it so everyone wins. Realize that most people want to be a part of a solution.

The Lesson

Though thriving and surviving may be vastly different, you can move to thriving quickly if you change your mindset and your actions.

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