Passion is your sword!

Passion fuels our lives. It lives within us and though some of us have yet to awaken it, it is still there... waiting and hoping. Passion is the combustion of energy, emotion and focus!  When we awaken our passion, we become unstoppable! If we truly feel passionate about something, we work and move toward it with the charge of a rhinoceros.

Many timsword-891358_640es passionate people are told to "tone it down." Of course these voices are the noise of those less passionate. The truth is toning down our passion does not serve us; it only holds us back.

Your passion is your sword and the gift that will allow you to have what you want in your life. Passion as a leader is the drug of engagement. We all want to be around leaders who believe and passion is at the heart of what connects us emotionally.

The key to truly being outstanding in your work, friendships, relationships and life in general is to unlock and awaken your passion.

The Lesson

Screw the naysayers. Don’t be afraid of those who spend their life worrying about limitations. You were born to play big. Live out loud!

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