Change does not live in the same house as Comfortable

For the most part, people understand that things have to change. We get it intellectually! We may not like it... and without evolution, all things die. Why is it that we hold on so tightly to things that may not serve us?

I think one of the hardest changes is when we have to make the decision to let someone go. It is a change that feels uncomfortable in so many ways. We start with "Well at least they are the devil we know." I see people say this in their relationships all the time. Who wants to hang with the devil anyway?

The real challenge with change isn’t the change. It is the discomfort we feel when things are not as we know they need to be. We are all for change if we can make the change occur through other people so we don’t feel uncomfortable in any way. The saying is “for things to change, I must change." It is not, "You must change even if we would prefer that the change that needs to occur not affect our world."

Change triggers all kinds of fear: The fear of the unknown. The fear of not making the progress we need. The fear that the change we need to make might not give us the result we are looking for.

The Lesson

Change has its risks and challenges. It is uncomfortable. And in the end, change happens. The trick is whether you are leading the change or waiting for it to happen to you. Your choice… because the one thing that is for sure is that change is a constant.

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