Training in terms of ROI

If you think training your people is expensive, try not training them! Over the years, we see it time and again... when budgets get tight, training gets cut. And leadership development, which should be all the more important with a shrinking staff and a more intense need for performance, becomes non-existent.

When you cut training, it is your service experience that suffers, and your loyalty/retention takes a direct hit. Training is not an event. It is a constant commitment to improving your business performance. You can't say you are committed to the development of your people and not find ways to expand their minds. Training doesn't have to be expensive and outsourced, nor does it need to be leader-led as there are so many resources online and within your team. Whatever your approach, commit to keeping the learning alive. It is what will make your team smarter, better prepared and more confident than the other guys, and that allows you to outperform and win in your marketplace.

The Lesson

Your people are your competitive advantage.  They give you more return than redesigning your lobby. Yes, your product must stay fresh and current... and so must your people. Invest in them.

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