Who you hang with is who you become

People who are curious and love learning are innovative thinkers and far more interesting to be around. They help open your mind.

Over the years, I have worked with many people who listen like they have heard it all before and think that they already know. It is stunning what they miss and the impact they make on others. When we aren’t curious, we stifle creativity, problem solving and synergy. Our real opportunities lie in what we don't know.

Smart people are my favorite because they teach me so much. If you can't teach me anything, then we are both limited and there is no upside in that! In the end, if you hang with thinkers you start thinking and innovating more. If you hang with positive energizers, you start seeing what is possible and engaging others toward it.

In contrast, if you hang with CAVE people (those people Constantly Against Virtually Everything), you spend your life being ticked off and being angry is not a platform for change!

The Lesson

Take a look around and hang with people who bring out the best in you. Let the rest go!



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