Funny thing about life:

Every day we are all given the same 24 hours.  The only difference is how we each choose to use them.

How we spend our time reflects what we truly value. If we take the time to care about the food we eat and the exercise we need, we value our health. If we spend time thinking and planning, we care about our focus and optimal productivity. If we make time to be with our families and friends, we care about our relationships.

The tricky part about time is that it is never standing still so when we waste our time on things that don’t really matter, we lose that time. In fact, we have all the time we need and all the time we are going to get. It is how we choose to use it that defines the quality of our life.

The Lesson

Our time is limited. When is now a good time to reflect on how you use your time and what you want to spend more or less time on?

Thanks for taking the time each week to think with me…



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