Sharpening Your Knife

Ask any chef… the most important tool you can have in your kitchen is a sharp knife.

No matter how sharp it is initially, after using that knife for an extended period of time, it becomes dull. The same goes for your learning and development. After a while, your leadership skills aren’t quite as sharp and need honing.

How do you keep your learning alive with everyday life constantly tapping you on the shoulder?

Finding time for simple, yet productive development is key!

I have partnered with Avanoo, a company dedicated to helping present information in a whole new way. Your team can spend just three minutes a day sharpening their skills! Watch a demo here to view my inspirational videos: Renie Cavallari Daily 'Noos 

The Lesson

A knife doesn’t sharpen itself. What are you doing to keep your tools organized and relevant? Your investment in your learning is just one way to stay polished.

Lead on,


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