Royal Palms uses quality control to treat you like royalty

Royal Palms Resort and Spa creates impact

Aspire Coach Amy visited Royal Palms Resort and Spa right here in Phoenix a few weeks ago and is grateful for the experience.

Royal Palms reservations leader Hilary values Aspire coaching for helping her to improve the guest experience from the first call onward and is grateful for the tools that help to create a fluid, unscripted interaction.

Aspire is grateful for the partnership and is happy to support Royal Palms in Keeping It Alive!


Amy: Hi Hilary!

Hilary: Hi Amy!

Amy: So Hilary, tell me about your experience working with Aspire as a reservations leader?

Hilary: As a reservations leader, it is phenomenal! To have the ability to have coaching and the day-to-day aspects on how the message of positivity from Aspire and just the overall guest service is a great experience.

Amy: Well we are so grateful for you as a client, we appreciate all your hard work, and we want you to know how much we value you. Are there any particular tools that you value or are grateful for with Aspire? Whether it is tools you have in the office or support in coaching, tell us what you are grateful for with the experience and relationship with Aspire.

Hilary: I’m really grateful for the coaching calls because I can't be on every call with everybody so it's great to know that someone is out there listening, making sure that that funnel is being followed, and I am really grateful for that. I’m also really grateful for the time I’ve spent with the coaches and the training team at Aspire.

Amy: What would you say is the biggest impact of using Aspire?

Hilary: The biggest impact is guest service and being able to cater that guest service to the actual guest; it is not a script or something that is a standardized set, "you must say this." You get to cater it, not only to the reservations agent, but also to the guest so that it is a really fluid great experience.

Amy: Wonderful, well we so appreciate you! Thank you for your partnership.

Hilary: Thank you Aspire!


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