You have to be Present to Play

Imagine how many misunderstandings would be eliminated if we were just present in our conversations with one another. Most of us just hear, we don’t really listen. We allow our self-talk and those proverbial "squirrels" (distractions) to take over our minds, which means we are no longer focused on the person in front of us.

We all think we can multi-task. Though it may be true in some ways, when it comes to communication you have to be present to gain the information someone is trying to share. There are so many distractions today, it amazes me we get through a conversation of any kind in any amount of time with any substance at all!

This week, try a few different approaches to being present with others and watch how they will become present with you:

  • When you are on a call, minimize your email. You won’t see the pop-up boxes or get lulled into some email that isn’t really that important.
  • When someone comes into your office to talk with you, move to a location where your computer is no longer the primary essence of your focus
  • When you aren’t listening, just say it. The person talking to you already knows…believe me!
  • Focus on acknowledging what a person says to you in a conversation. If you have to acknowledge what someone has shared, you naturally listen differently. You get present fast or you look like you weren’t listening.
  • Give others permission to call you out if they think you aren’t listening. Prepare yourself…
  • On a scale of 1 to 10, how present are you with others? Now, how present will you be this week? Take it one day at a time and look for progress.

The Lesson

Somehow, we all believe that getting more done is most important in our time-limited lives.

The truth is how you get things done is always the imprint you leave…no one remembers what you did. They always remember how you made them feel.  

I gotta go now…time for me to get focused and be present!



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