Aspire Hanging with Cambria in Phoenix

Mike Shemer, VP of Business Operations for Cambria was in Phoenix hanging with us at the Aspire Lab a few weeks ago so we took a break from the intense ideation session to talk about our partnership.

Here at Aspire, we are grateful for the opportunity to work with brands such as Cambria on new initiatives, instigating change and disrupting the status quo for the greater good. We appreciate meeting and working with the team to look for progress...we revel in the energy evoked as we think about different approaches.

Following are Mike's thoughts on the partnership.

Thank you, Cambria, for allowing us to align with you on this important work!


JEFFRI-LYNN: What do you feel about working with Aspire?

MIKE: I feel that they are committed. Committed to helping us achieve our goals. They feel part of the team and, essentially, not some higher God. I’m grateful for the partnership and for them realizing the sense of urgency we have and meeting our goals. They took our brand positioning and really felt ownership so when they delivered the final product it was Cambria speaking and not Aspire speaking. They became part of our team.

JEFFRI-LYNN: Thank you, we appreciate that. My final question is: When I say, “Living with Gratitude,” what does that mean to you?

MIKE: Well, it reminds me how I feel when Aspire helps us out. They are gracious that we are giving them business but not to the point where it feels fake. They really feel part of who we are and quite frankly making us better.


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