Building Momentum

The journey may begin with a single step...

Keeping it moving is another thing entirely! It doesn’t matter if you are launching a restaurant, repositioning your business or changing your organizational structure to serve your customers better or drive new sales. After you have the plan and begin, it becomes all about momentum.

How do we keep momentum alive?

  • Find what is right and build on it. Daily!
  • Our tendency to see what needs to be improved is only healthy when we are also encouraging people and acknowledging what they are doing well.
  • Look for those measurements – no matter how small – that say we are moving in a new direction. Track, post and celebrate.
  • Spend time talking to your team members about where you are headed and their important roles in getting there.
  • Get rid of the "pukers" (those people who "throw up" on everything to slow down your progress through negativity and fear). Make the tough choice. Usually you only have to let one go to disband those following.

The Lesson

Progress is a direct result of implementing the change you need and creating momentum towards the results you want.

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