Are you paying attention?

I have always been - shall we say - a "person in motion." I drive fast. I think fast. I love when things are in action! I get excited with a multitude of moving parts and my adrenalin really gets going when things need change. The rhythm of a fast life intoxicates me.

One lesson I have learned, and strive to live by, is to make sure I slow up around the curves. To pause at the stop signs of life. To take time to think, create and be inspired. To look, listen and refill my tank before hitting the gas pedal again.

Paying attention is hard for us A-types and yet it is the Achilles heel that will hurt our greatest desire... progress. It is when I am not paying attention, or worse yet unconsciously trying to avoid paying attention, that life reminds me there is a slow lane for a reason.

Suggestions on how to slow down:

  1. Do things that help you relax. I work with someone who works with his hands and builds things, and it brings him such joy! I need him to come to my house. One man’s joy is another woman’s “to do” list!
  2. Take real time off. I was recently working on a project with a team and the leader was going on vacation with his family. We told him, “Sorry, but we will not be sending you any updates for 2 weeks.” He wasn’t so sure about it the day before his vacation and when he got back, he said that was a gift. Have faith that others have your back.
  3. Stay curious. Don’t judge. Sometimes, we need to just listen more. This stops us from going into “problem-solving” motion. Or emotion!

The Lesson

Slow down. Pay attention. You won’t see the pot holes if you are driving too fast.

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