Lifespace says, "it's been life changing!"

Rebels on the Road

Lifespace Communities, continued...

Aspire coaches JC and Amy visit with Lulu and Lisa of Lifespace Communities. We hear about the energy, the experience, the relationships...these are the things Aspire is grateful for and why we embarked on this Living With Gratitude Tour.


"it has been life changing! It changed my way of thinking!"

JC: Lulu, tell me about what gratitude you are feeling for this experience that you have gone through?

LULU: Aspire has been amazing; it has been life changing! From the first time I met Renie’s group, JC and Amy, it changed my life; it changed my way of thinking! I will always remember, “focus on progress not perfection." You don’t understand what that did for me. And also, learning that I can make a mistake and that it is OK to make a mistake. This experience has been just amazing! Not only have I taken what I’ve learned here at Lifespace, but I’ve also taken it home as well. It's been great!

JC: Cool! Tell me about the difference between this experience and other training programs you have gone through in the past?

LULU: Other training programs, some of them have been dry. If you know JC, Renie, and Amy, then you know these are folks are all very energized! I’m an energized person so I loved that it was very interactive.

JC: Any other thoughts of feelings you want to share about these last two years?

LULU: These last two years, I’ve learned so much. Moving forward, I’m going to take the skills that I’ve learned and the content that I’ve received and I’m just going to keep using it and applying it to my everyday life.


"It was the relationships that I have had the opportunity to build over the last two years."

AMY: Hi Lisa!

LISA: Hi, Amy

AMY: I have a couple questions for you about working with Aspire. One thing that we would love to know is what was different about working with Aspire than what you had originally expected?

LISA: The most different thing about working with Aspire was that it really made us all step outside the box; get away from “this is how we have already done it and always done it” and going to “there might be a better way to do it; there might be something more meaningful to others." It really made us take a look at what we were doing and find a way to make it better.

AMY: That’s great, thank you. What do you feel grateful for in the process of working with Aspire?

LISA: The thing I am most grateful for is the opportunity to get to know myself better, but also – AND also – for my staff. There are so many staff members that I don’t get to know very well. They might work night shift, are only there on the weekends, or in the dining room. This gave me the opportunity to really get to know each of them and put a name with a face...just to find out so much more about them and I’m hoping it made me seem more human to them, more than just “that’s the executive director in the office." I think it brought us all so much closer together.

AMY: What’s the thing you’re most proud of?

LISA: I am most proud of all the friendships I have built through this; it gave me an opportunity to get to know so many more people through the Lifespace Communities and gave me the opportunity to get to know the awesome staff of Aspire. It was the relationships that I have had the opportunity to build over the last two years.

AMY: Thank you!


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