Designing Accountability

Many leaders have a tough time holding people accountable. I am often asked, "how do I grow accountability without being too hard on my team?" My answer is a series of questions you can ask to shift responsibility to the person who needs to own the work. You may have heard me say it before:

Shift the responsibility to the "chair over there."

The targeted questions used in the Aspire Accountability Model help a person identify, explore and understand expectations, making it easier to meet them.

"What will you do?" This is the first question to ask in order to shift responsibility. This question ensures the person knows what is expected and understands the required outcomes.

The second question to ask is, "By when will you do it?" A clear and realistic deadline provides adequate time for agility if unforeseen challenges require adjustment and allow the person to under-promise and over-deliver.

The third and final question is, "How will I know?" Provide peace of mind for both of you by establishing parameters for touching base so communication is flowing. Ensure they have the opportunity to ask for direction and feedback and provide a schedule for receiving updates on progress.

The Lesson

When you design an environment of accountability, individual and organizational results will soar! You will not only expand the competency of your people, you will gain peace of mind.



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