Aspire coaches enlighten the Sunshine State

Aspire Coaches in Florida on the Living With Gratitude Tour Kendall, JC and Amy enjoying work and play on the beach.



Aspire coaches visited Florida recently to deliver programming and extend our gratitude to Lifespace Communities and Yve Hotel.

Aspire helps clients in both senior living and hospitality achieve high levels of service, so it's no wonder these three provide unequaled value to those they serve.


5th Stop: Yve Hotel

Miami, FL

Our friends Nicholas and Byron at Yve Hotel experienced Aspire Coach Kendall's engaging and energetic delivery in a recent reservation sales program and were excited to put what they learned into immediate action.

(Kendall has the best way of saying "thank you," don't you think?)

KENDALL: So Nicholas, tell me how you felt about the Aspire buying funnel?

NICHOLAS: Well, it’s great! It will actually help us sell more of the higher category rooms. I like the structure of the course because it makes the guests feel more valued than centered.

KENDALL: Thank you!

KENDALL: So Byron, what did you think of Aspire?

BYRON: Well, I have had no previous training so for me everything was good. I like the structure and it gave me the correct and incorrect way to create a buying environment. Feels natural.

6th Stop: Lifespace Communities

Delray Beach, FL

Kendall and Kimberly talk informally about Lifespace Communities' experience as they worked with Aspire over the past couple of years to transform their culture. Looks like another satisfied customer! We are so happy to have been a part of this growth and so grateful to have taken this journey with Lifespace Communities.

KENDALL: Kimberly, what are you grateful for from this experience with Aspire?

KIMBERLY: I am grateful for the past two years with Aspire because this totally changed the culture of our organization and met a dream that I believed this organization had, which was not only cultural transformation, but also turned managers into leaders and allowed others to reach our potential. I’m grateful on a personal basis because it allowed me to grow tremendously as a human being and a coach. I’m grateful for the light it has allowed me to shine on others and I seriously get all choked up when I think about the growth I’ve seen in so many individuals at our organization and at the end of the day, it’s something that makes our organization a better place.

KENDALL: For people who haven’t worked with Aspire, what is something that they value when they work with this company?

KIMBERLY: One of the things I value, and one of the reasons I chose to work with Aspire – and it has proven true beyond what I thought – is that, despite how long Aspire has been around, they continually seek to do things smarter, better, faster and continually to change. They don’t just say, “well, this is what we did ten years or twenty years ago and it worked then so we are just going to keep doing it." They make it fresher; they make it newer; it’s very progressive; and it doesn’t get stale. You get the latest and greatest that you can get from Aspire.

KENDALL: Thank you!

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