"It has been about the journey, hasn't it?"

Rebels on the Road

4th Stop: Ric Leutwyler in Phoenix

Here is Renie with Ric Leutwyler, reminiscing about work completed together and work yet to do. This stop on The Aspire Living with Gratitude Tour took place in our own backyard at the Aspire Lab in Phoenix. As he is a friend of Aspire for almost 10 years, it was only right that we thank Ric for daring to... well, Aspire!

RENIE: I am here with Ric Leutwyler who has been a friend of Aspire since 2006. You were with Best Western and you dared to hire us – this little company – to figure out how to align that service culture over there and do some different things. Do you remember all of that?

RIC: I do!

RENIE: That was a long time ago.

RIC: It was.

RENIE: A few companies ago! Then we worked together when you were at Pegasus and we did leadership work there – sales and marketing work too, I think?

RIC: Yeah, we did brand image work, culture work, and leadership work. It was great!

RENIE: You can’t get rid of us!

RIC: No!

RENIE: Then we followed you to SkyTouch where you were at the helm of creating something that hadn’t been done. That was pretty exciting stuff.

RIC: It was.

RENIE: So, this is our Living with Gratitude Tour. We are going and meeting with people to thank them, as I am thanking you, for not only believing in us, but helping us raise our bar. You kept wanting things to be more innovative or to be disruptive and it’s such gratitude that we feel - that you saw we were naturally disruptive. I am going to give you an official Living with Gratitude poster for you to hang.

RIC: I love it!

RENIE: So, when you think of Aspire and the years we’ve been hanging together, what do you think about?

RIC: It has been a journey, hasn’t it? I go back to the first time when we were interviewing different groups and thinking of who we really wanted to work with to do these things. What stood out to me, I think, are the same things that I would think of now if someone was asking me... out of the box. It was really about understanding what it is that you need, how could you do that, and here is something. Then there is the passion around that. Both the passion in believing what you were putting forward, but also the passion about achieving what I was trying to achieve. It was really powerful. That was just in making the decision to go with you guys! Then as we had the chance to work together there, then at Pegasus and SkyTouch, the thing I always talk about when people ask me about Aspire is:

“Well, the one thing I can guarantee you

is that you will get more than what you pay for.

It just happens!”

Maybe I am particularly spoiled because I know there have been so many times where we have talked about that – as you say – I am always raising the bar and

"you are always coming with me on that ride

and we push and pull each other along the way

with great respect and shared passion

about the outcome."

The trust that is built up by the way you guys do business, not just you but the team you have created and pulled together. They all act with that integrity, with that passion for the end result and not: "line three of what we said we would deliver said X." That allowed us to evolve to really great outcomes.

RENIE: Well, thank you. Thank you so much for all the years, all the laughter – we’ve had a few laughs along the way! Even for including us in all your different worlds, thank you so much!

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