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Rebels on the Road

3rd Stop: Colonial Williamsburg

Aspire Coach Amy Contreras gives thanks while delivering a dynamic reservation sales training program at Colonial Williamsburg.

Amy talks with supervisors and agents alike upon completion of the reservation sales training program. While expressing her gratitude for the warm welcome, participants thanked her in return. Here at Aspire, we LOVE making a difference for our clients – helping them realize their potential and seeing success!

Jim and Amy

AMY: Jim, tell me what you thought of your first Aspire class?

JIM: I thought it was a lot of fun, actually!

AMY: Actually? Tell me why you say actually!

JIM: I say actually because when we were waiting to do this, I was kind of dreading it to be honest with you.

AMY: Are you still dreading it?

JIM: No, No! It was very "thinking out of the box." For someone who has been here for as long as I have, I found it refreshing.

AMY: And tell me what you are wearing right now...Show me what you’ve got right there...

JIM: That puke thing, you mean? Yeah, "No Puking!"

AMY: Thanks so much for your participation; can I get a high five?

JIM: Certainly!

AMY: Nice, have a good day!

Ross and Amy

AMY: Hi Ross! So how many times have you been through an Aspire class?

ROSS: This was my first time.

AMY: And what did you think of it?

ROSS: I thought it was awesome!

AMY: What did you like about it?

ROSS: I liked how interactive it was. As a supervisor, I like seeing everyone engaged. It was really refreshing to see everyone so engaged, having a good time, and really taking in everything that they could. It was fun, enthusiastic, full of energy, and really engaging the whole time.

AMY: That’s awesome! Give me a high five – thanks!

Sheila and Amy

AMY: Hi, Miss Sheila!


AMY: Tell me what you thought of your first Aspire class?

SHEILA: I was surprised how easy it was for the agents to get into it. Normally, I can see the boredom on their faces when we are doing a sales training but everyone seemed to be inspired by it and seemed to enjoy YOU. So, that was the main thing for me.

AMY: Great! Well thank you so much for being a client, we really appreciate you!

SHEILA: You’re welcome. Fantastic time, AMY...very good!

Pele and Amy

AMY: Hi Pele!

PELE: Hi Amy!

AMY: Tell me what you thought of Aspire.

PELE: Great! Absolutely a learning experience for me and I am so excited and happy that I came right on time for this.

AMY: If you had to tell someone who has never been through Aspire before, what would you tell them to expect about Aspire?

PELE: Everything that they are giving them is for their success, for their company’s success.

AMY: That’s awesome, thank you so much!

PELE: You’re welcome!

Kita and Amy

AMY: Hi Kita!

KITA: Hello!

AMY: Tell me what you thought about Aspire. This was your first Aspire program, right?

KITA: I thought it was going to be some boring training class, but I enjoyed it a lot and took a lot from it.

AMY: So, if you had to describe this class to someone who has never been through Aspire before, and you had to warn them what was coming or tell them what to expect, what would you say?

KITA: I would tell them that it would be a pretty exciting class that they will actually enjoy. They will learn and not be bored one moment – especially with AMY as their teacher!

AMY: Awwww! Thank you so much for sharing, Kita!

KITA: You’re welcome!

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