Letting it Ride is Always a Bad Bet

Leaders know that change is often risky, disruptive, and messy. They understand that poor execution will have significant consequences. And yet leaders must choose to move the team forward despite these factors, because they recognize that progress doesn’t happen standing still. If you don’t do something different, you won’t get something different. Leaders live this truth.

Leading change gives you more ability to control the organization’s destiny. Storms always come, and leaders must learn to form proactive strategies that will help them navigate and deliver the outcomes they need and want through times of change. Leaders can’t leave change to chance.

At the peak of the recession, when most companies were cutting corners left and right, what did David Kong, CEO of Best Western, do? He threw his efforts into marketing to capture the opportunities that many competitors were losing out on by limiting their marketing spend. That is a leader, taking control of the market.

The Lesson

Sometimes we say we’re just going to wait and see what happens. Let the chips fall where they may. Sometimes we get lucky—and yet, luck favors the prepared. In the short term, if you are honestly looking for clarity on what you want and need to do, waiting for more information can be a smart strategy.

In the long term, hesitation, procrastination and over-caution can keep you in a no-man’s land. Since the only constant in this life is change, if you’re not moving forward…you’re moving backward. How will you inspire change this year?

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