The Rebels Hit the Road

Rebels on the Road

It is with great pride and appreciation that we announce Aspire's 20th anniversary year-long celebration…the "Living with Gratitude" tour.

Throughout 2015, we will be coming to your city to thank you (and the many people and organizations) who have allowed us to reach this milestone.

We will be capturing these moments and posting them on our YouTube channel, TheAspireTube which will also host the 2015 launch of our new leadership interviews called The Leadership Series due out later this year. These interviews are another opportunity for you to hear what dynamic leaders are thinking and doing to take their organizations to their highest performances. You can count on them to be fun, interesting and unique – in the Aspire spirit.

Our first stop on The Aspire Gratitude Tour was NYC where we visited our friends from The Kimberly Hotel, a client of more than 15 years and a place special to me personally (read the transcript below to find out why!). While we were there, we also spent some time with Daniel Dannenmann, Sr. VP of Bare International and a client of Aspire's for over a decade with 3 different organizations (Ramada International, Wyndham Worldwide and Bare).

Read on to enjoy the journey. The Rebels have officially hit the Road!

Living with Gratitude,


First Stop: Kimberly Hotel, NYC

Marcia Skyers-James

Renie and Marcia at Kimberly Hotel NYCRENIE: We are celebrating our 20th year and this was our first stop on the Living with Gratitude Tour. This is so appropriate because there are so many wonderful memories here at the Kimberly Hotel. Thank you so much for being a part of those memories, with all the business of course, and all the fun that we had doing it. We go way back together – we've decided just to say fifteen years. There are so many memories here.

MARCIA: So many wonderful memories! And we are glad to be a part of this. Think back to pin the tail on the donkey! (laughs)

RENIE: That's probably still one of our favorites!

RENIE: When we think back, family memories happened here… it was here at the Kimberly Hotel that I found out I was having a baby!

MARCIA: Woo Hoo!

RENIE: We were also training together here and thank you.

MARCIA: Many of those people are still here and we are still using some of those fundamentals. We will never forget those games – the pin the tail on the donkey was the best, still by far. In addition to having fun, we learned a lot. That was important, too.

RENIE: Well you guys have done so many wonderful things here at the Kimberly, I mean it has really had its own resurgence; I don't even know what the word is, but just from walking into the lobby this morning and now in this beautiful penthouse bar scene, you guys should be proud.

MARCIA: We are. Just as Aspire is as well, we are happy.

RENIE: Thank you again and thank you for kicking off our living with gratitude tour.

MARCIA: We are honored to be the first stop, Renie. So, thank you.

Renie and Marcia at Kimberly Hotel NYC

2nd Stop: BARE International, NYC

Daniel Dannenmann

RENIE: I'm here with Daniel Dannenmann and we have known each other a long time, my friend.

DANIEL: Yes, we have. Like 20 years.

RENIE: It's probably close to 20 years. Maybe 18. We started our work together when we were doing all that incredible work with Ramada International.

DANIEL: A long time ago.

RENIE: And "I Am."


RENIE: Right? That was another project that we had.


RENIE: And so then you went to Wyndham and dared to hire us again. And actually that was work for your team.

DANIEL: That was "I Am" again. We started with Marriott "I Am."


DANIEL: Then we did Wyndham "I am."

RENIE: Wyndham "I am." And it's still in place today. And that was yours.

DANIEL: Everybody owned it.

RENIE: We just got the privilege of figuring out how to make it into a culture. That was really a clever campaign. That was the campaign that started it.

DANIEL: At Marriott, it was a campaign. At Wyndham, it turned into a culture.

RENIE: And now, you've been with BARE how long now?

DANIEL: 4 years.

RENIE: 4 years!

DANIEL: Yeah, I know! Time flies, right?

RENIE: It does! I know because Sophia is five!

DANIEL: Who's Sophia? The audience doesn't know who Sophia is!

RENIE: Oh! Well, why don't you tell them who she is. Get the pictures out...

DANIEL: It's my little girl!

RENIE: And she is lovely. Alright, so then BARE. You've been with them for 4 years...

DANIEL: Right. I hired you once.

RENIE: You hired us once.

DANIEL: There was a company between – Dolce – which I didn't hire you but I was only there for 9 months that time.

RENIE: Thank you! We just want to hang with you...and here we are, exploring new opportunities again. I just honestly feel so much gratitude for - not just the work - of course we appreciate the business...the way you have always worked with us. You are a great friend and you are so talented at what you do and that's really fun because you raise our bar.

DANIEL: That's very kind. It's been a pleasure all the way through. Thank you for leaving a lasting mark on all three of those teams. That's been very special and those highlights over the last 18 to 20 years... a lot of years. Thank you.

RENIE: Thank you. Appreciate it!


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