Lighting The Fire Within

Legendary choreographer Martha Graham once said, “Great dancers are not great because of their technique; they are great because of their passion.” Any dancer may have the technical skills to perform a set of choreography—and without passion, no dancer could withstand the hours of practice needed to perfect each routine, overcome the countless injuries that years of physical exertion demand, and deliver performances that connect with the hearts and minds of their audience. Passion is what gives people the resilience and tenacity to keep trying in the face of obstacles and bring an inspiring performance to life.

So, how do leaders of great companies inspire passion in the hearts and minds of their people? Here are a few tips:

  1. Be fanatical about engaging your people and customers. They speak on your behalf, and when they speak about the organization with passion they will be the loudest voice your marketing efforts will ever have.
  1. Get people fired up about your vision and their role in bringing it to life. Help them understand the purpose of their work and its impact on helping your business achieve its mission.
  1. Make work fun. Fun is not a committee, and it doesn’t have a Director! Fun gets everyone participating. People having fun have more energy, which triggers enthusiasm. Enthusiasm and pride ignite passion.
  1. Light the fire within your people, not beneath them.
  1. Skip looking back. What you focus on is what they focus on. Look towards where you want to go…to the organization’s compelling future and potential.

The Lesson

If you imagine your team as a human body, passion would be the lifeblood that flows through it. The more passion an organization has, the more momentum it has. Give people a reason to be passionate, and they will perform with more enthusiasm, thought, personal investment, and dedication than you ever imagined possible.

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